There are typically two reasons for the use of Tesoviron or any other type of Testosterone. One reason is hormone replacement therapy and the more common reason is for performance enhancement. In this section we will tackle the latter of the two reasons.

Typical dosage of Testoviron for beginners could be 400-500 mg per week. Most experienced users or athletes, who want better performance improvement would use 750-1000 mg per week. However, some users will administer the compound only once per week or may choose to inject several times per week. The more often a person injects the more consistent the blood levels of the compound will be, that is of course that the doses are evenly spread out and of the same amount. With the higher dosages use of an aromatase inhibitor should be used to avoid the unwanted side effects of estrogen. Usual cycle duration should last between 8 to 16 weeks.

Based on your goals and amount of experience with Testoviron dosages will vary. As with all Testosterones it cycles well with just about every steroid compound available. Testoviron is a great choice whatever the goal and it is an ideal choice for any cycle. Whether you are looking to put on a significant amount of mass, increase definition or just improve your athletic performance Testosterones make an excellent base.
Some of the characteristic of Testoviron that make it a premier mass builder are its ability to stimulate increased levels of protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and IGF-1. Testosterone is a great off season bulk cycle just by itself. With a sufficient amount of calories, muscle stimulation and rest Testoviron will add a substantial amount of mass all by itself. If you really want to maximize your cycle adding a compound such as Deca Durabolin, Dianabol or Equipoise to the mix will greatly improve your mass gains. Some other anabolic steroids that should be considered during a bulking cycle include Trenbolone, Anadrol and Primobolan. Remember, with the higher dosages an aromatize inhibitor should be used to avoid the unwanted side effects of estrogen.

With its capacity to bind to the androgen receptor Testoviron will directly increase fat loss which makes it an excellent steroid for cutting cycles. Through the process of restricting your caloric intake you burn more than you consume thus excess fat will be lost and the body will tighten up and appear much more muscular and defined. Naturally, a lower dose of testoviron is needed for a cutting cycle vs. a bulking cycle. To make the most of your cutting cycle consider adding the following compounds to the program: Trenbolone, Anavar and Winstrol Depot. Some other steroids which are well worth your consideration during a cutting phase include Masteron, Equipoise and Primobolan.

Testosterones have been a drug of choice for performance enhancement for over 40 years. The athlete has specific performance goals such as increasing strength and power and decreasing recovery time. Testoviron stimulates glycogen synthesis, which is triggered by insulin in response to high glucose levels. Glycogen delivers fuel to the muscle; as a result stamina and strength increases were noted during extreme muscle breakdown in intense training and workout routines. This benefit makes testosterones perfect for improving athletic performance.